Greenfork Urban Farming

Welcome to Greenfork Urban Farming a local plant powered social enterprise aimed at connecting people to plants and fresh food and inspiring you to start or renew your journey to producing your own food as an urban farmer.

Greenfork Urban Farming offers individuals and families the opportunity to access healthy, affordable fresh food in portable wicking grow beds filled with culinary herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Our GreenSmart wicking grow beds are portable, BPA free and provide versatility and sustainability in producing your own food indoors with ample light, on a balcony or patio

Our customised grow beds are designed to meet your household culinary needs, depending on your preference for cut and cook culinary herbs, seasonal vegetables, fresh tea herbs, berry box or our pollinator pantry planter (complete with a free 350g jar of our own delicious Ballaarat Wild Bush Honey).

Grow beds are filled with locally produced premium certified organic potting mix and compost with rock minerals. Each Greensmart wicking grow bed comes complete with a Greensmart e-book.

As a social enterprise $10.00 from every DIY or Fill and Plant Greensmart wicking grow bed goes to a local food recovery or relief agency.


Start your journey to healthy fresh food by simply

  1. Choosing DIY or the Fill and Plant Option
  2. Selecting your preferred grow bed variety from the menu
  3. Choosing collection or delivery (within 10kms of Ballarat CBD)



Cut & Cook Herbs

Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Italian Parsley and Oregano

Veg Out Spring/Summer

Gourmet Lettuce, Cherry tomato, Cucumber, Dwarf Snow Pea, Radish

Tea 4 Two

Chamomile, Peppermint, Thyme, Lemon Balm, French Lavender

Summer Berry Box

Alpine Strawberry, Early and Late Season Strawberry varieties

Pollinator Pantry

Rosemary, French Lavender, Thyme, Borage and Oregano