Our honey and local stockists

Flavour profiles of honey relate to their aroma, taste, texture and flavour.

Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat Honey is a multi-floral garden honey with distinct flavour depending on its local suburb of origin. A multipurpose honey with nectar from ground flora which means it will crystallise (a natural process of raw, unfiltered honey) reasonably rapidly. To return crystallised honey to liquid form simply place in a bowl of warm water.

Ballaarat Wild Bush Honey is single origin from pure varietal sources that take on the characteristics of the terroir of the soil, location and weather of rural and remote Victoria.

Messmate Eucalyptus obliqua
Its nectar produces dark coloured honey that has a rich woody flavour with a hint of roasted hazelnuts. It leaves a nutty finish at the back of the palate.  Can be used to sweeten strong coffee or tea for full bodied richness.

Red Gum Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Red Gum is a rich golden coloured medium density honey with a distinctive full-bodied heady fresh fruit flavour. An exceptionally versatile honey, it can be used in almost any recipe from smoothies to marinades.

Yellow Gum Eucalyptus leucoxlyon
A dense, smooth honey with a mild refreshing eucalyptus flavour.  A classic breakfast honey, blue gum honey is perfect on crumpets, grain toast, muesli or porridge.

Yellow Box  Eucalyptus melliodora
Yellow box has a pleasant, fresh characteristic aroma Yellow box honey is an aromatic, dense honey, collected from the blossom of the yellow box tree. With its rich amber colour, this mild bush honey is buttery in taste with a sweet citrus flavour. Regarded as Australia’s premier honey, it is low GI and great on toast and crumpets, stirred into drinks or in cooking.

Giant Mallee Eucalytpus oleosa
More assertive in flavour than the Yellow Gum, Giant Mallee honey would complement strong tea as its flavour is deep enough to still make its presence known. It would also go well drizzled over muesli or porridge or used in marinades.

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