Workshops & courses


We offer small group tutorials during Spring and Summer on beekeeping basics, ranging from how to light a smoker (and keep it lit) to how to perform a biosecurity inspections. All workshops are held at Ballarat Beekeeping Supplies in Central Ballarat and may include hive openings where relevant.

Bookings may be made through Eventbrite.



Wax and Wine Workshop (1.5hrs)


In this workshop local beekeeper and candle maker Amanda Collins will guide you through how honeybees produce wax, how it is collected, rendered and filtered to create the clean, natural beeswax used during the Workshop. Your will create four unique beeswax candles to take home and enjoy a glass of wine and nibbles during the 90 minute session.

Join local beekeeper Amanda Collins for a curated glimpse into the art of beeswax candle making.     $78.00 per person


Secret Life of Bees: Open Hive Experience Workshop (2hrs)


The Secret Life of Bees: Open Hive Experience is a curated two hour Workshop held at one of our urban apiary sites. It is an opportunity to fulfil any lifelong curiosity you have for these fascinating insects and get up close and personal. Regarded as the most selfless and industrious creatures in the insect world, you will be guided through the machinations of the hive by local beekeepers Amanda and Scott. Enjoy a honey and mead tasting and take home a bee-centric gift bag.

No beekeeping experience necessary. Full protective equipment supplied.      $60.00 per person


Introduction to Beekeeping Course (4hrs)


A four hour theory and practical course which includes hands on practice with two hive openings and how to light a smoker. Join local Ballarat Beekeepers Amanda Collins and Scott Denno for this 4 hour Introduction to Beekeeping Course. Amanda and Scott have been keeping bees for the past 8 years in both urban and rural settings for honey production and agricultural pollination services. Scott holds a Certificate Three in Beekeeping from the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Certificate Four in Training and Assessment.

No beekeeping experience required.                    $140.00 per person


Advanced Beekeeping Course (6hrs)


A six hour beekeeping course including theory and practice in advanced beekeeping techniques which will accelerate your skills in beekeeping. This two part course offers with two or more years of beekeeping experience or graduates of an Introduction to Beekeeping Course, the opportunity to accelerate their learning of advanced beekeeping theory and practice.