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Welcome to Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat the enterprise of local beekeepers Amanda Collins and Scott Denno. Wherever you are on your beekeeping journey we can help you gain the knowledge, skills and equipment you need to started or grow your beekeeping knowledge and practice.


Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat specialises in:

  • beekeeping training education
  • supply of local honey and Australian beeswax
  • provision of agricultural pollination services
  • supply of quality beekeeping supplies and
  • spring honey bee nucleus hives and queen bees.


Our beekeeping journey

Amanda and Scott have been beekeeping for the past 10 years after being gifted a honey bee hive from a work colleague. A fortuitous meeting with a retired local commercial beekeeper ignited a passion and appetite for learning that they have never felt before.  Within a few years and while undertaking formal beekeeper training and education with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Agriculture Victoria, Marcus Oldham College and Gordon Institute of TAFE the couple increased their hive numbers from their one gifted hive to 50 hives and now manage around 80 honey bee hives in an urban apiary site in suburban Ballarat.


Both Amanda and Scott are foundation members of Ballarat Regional Beekeepers in 2015 and are the founders of social enterprise HiveMind Community Apiary, a community apiary teaching people with lived experiences of mental illness how to care for honey bees hives through the successful annual A Season of Beekeeping Program.


Scott Denno

Scott Denno

Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins

Courses and experiences

We offer courses and experiences in Ballarat!

The Ballarat events are run from Ballarat Beekeeping Supplies, Ballarat Central.

Bookings through Humanitix. 




Secret Life of Bees: Open Hive Experience Workshop (90mins)

An immersive beekeeping experience held in our backyard with our urban beehives. Ideal for anyone who has had a lifelong curiosity about the machinations inside a beehive or thinking of starting their beekeeping journey. Complete with a delicious and honey tasting. Take home a 350g jar of your favourite single origin Ballaarat Wild Bush Honey.


No beekeeping experience necessary. Full protective equipment supplied.
$75.00 per person (plus booking fee)


Introduction to Beekeeping Course (4hrs)

The four hour course focuses on building hands on foundational skills and knowledge to equip you to get your beekeeping journey underway. Includes a copy of Bee Agskills, loan of all protective equipment and smokers and a light afternoon tea.

The course includes practical skills, how to

  • light a smokers (and keep it lit)
  • open and reassemble a hive correctly
  • identify all stage of a bees life cycle
  • perform and record biosecurity inspections

No beekeeping experience required.

$175.00 per person (plus booking fee)

Beyond Beginner: Advancing your beekeeping skills (6hrs)

Held at Backyard Beekeeping Ballarat’s urban apiary site, beekeepers will learn theory and skills to progress their practice. This day lone course provides an opportunity accelerate your beekeeping learning by working on a number of beehives undertaken various beekeeping tasks.


$225.00 per person* (plus booking fee)

*$25 from each ticket is donated to HiveMind Community Apiary, a social enterprise providing beekeeper education to people living with or at risk of mental illness.

Raising Queen Bees (6hrs)

Delivered by specialist queen bee breeder and former head of training at NSW Department of Primary Industries Kevin Tracy. Learn how to raise your own queens from Kevin who currently teaches nationally accredited beekeeping courses and is the owner and manager of BeeZone Apiaries Queen Bees.

The day includes

  • instruction on all aspects of raising your own queen bees
  • lunch and afternoon tea

$225.00 per person* (plus booking fee)

*$25 from each ticket is donated to HiveMind Community Apiary, a social enterprise providing beekeeper education to people living with or at risk of mental illness.

Wax and Wine Workshop (90mins)

Held during Winter, learn how honey bees make wax, how its collected rendered and filtered to produce clean 100% natural beeswax. Create four beautiful handcrafted candles to take home and indulge in a glass or local wine and gourmet nibbles during the Workshop.

Join local beekeeper Amanda Collins for a curated glimpse into the art of beeswax candle making.    
$85.00 per person (plus booking fee)

Honey Tasting and Appreciation (60mins)

Join local beekeeper and honey lover Amanda for an hour of honey tasting, learning and discussion on the finer points of being a honey sommelier. Using the Honey Tasting and Wheel explore honey aromas and flavours and learn the language of honey tasting. Taste a unique range of local and international honey varieties. Includes a 350g jar of seasonal Ballaarat Wild Bush Honey of your choice.


$60.00 per person (plus booking fee)

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