Greenfork Urban Farming

Welcome to Greenfork Urban Farming a local plant powered social enterprise aimed at connecting people to plants and fresh food and inspiring you to start or renew your journey to producing your own food.

Greenfork Urban Farming provides the essentials to get you started to growing your own healthy, affordable fresh food with GreenSmart wicking grow beds, premium certified organic compost and potting mix and accessories.

Select your favourite herbs, vegetables and fruits to get started.

Our GreenSmart wicking grow beds are portable, BPA free and provide versatility and sustainability in producing your own food indoors with ample light, on a balcony or patio.

 Each Greensmart wicking grow bed comes complete with a Greensmart e-book providing ideas and advice on maximising your herb, vegetable or fruit yield.

Greenfork Urban Farming supports SecondBite, a not for profit food recovery and redistribution organisation as its social enterprise charity.



Therapeutic Horticulture Services


Greenfork Urban Farming also offers therapeutic horticultural consultancy services to individuals and small groups within the region. Therapeutic Horticulture sessions can be designed as a single session or seasonal program. Providing programs and services for people living with mental illness, dementia and who may be socially isolated.

Led by passionate local gardener and beekeeper,  Amanda Collins holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing) and Bachelor of Arts(Rural Social Welfare) is a member of the Therapeutic Horticulture Australia (THA) and completed Certification in Social and Therapeutic Horticultural Practice with the Thrive:The Society for Horticultural Therapy Thrive, UK’s leading body in the field of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture. Amanda has a special interest in the development of sensory and tea gardens and is passionate about the wellbeing benefits of gardening and spending time in nature can bring..

Amanda is also the Founder of HiveMind Community Apiary, a community enterprise teaching therapeutic beekeeping practice to people living with mental illness.